UV Active String Art on 
35 x 35 cm Canvas

*Third dimension activates on ultraviolet light effect
''Circumambient Existence encapsulates the idea of an all-encompassing and surrounding existence, suggesting a holistic and immersive perspective on life and reality. This concept implies that our existence is not confined to isolated moments or individual experiences but is rather a continuous and interconnected flow that envelops us in its entirety. It speaks to the notion that our lives are influenced by a multitude of factors, circumstances, and interactions that collectively shape our journey. Circumambient existence encourages an awareness of the intricate interplay between the self and the broader environment, emphasizing the significance of context and interconnectedness in understanding the full spectrum of our human experience. This concept invites contemplation on the rich tapestry of existence that extends beyond the immediate, urging individuals to recognize the countless influences that contribute to the complexity and depth of our shared reality.''

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