If you look into world of healing, healing is the return of the memory of consciousness. It's a shifting identity; altered from calculated  'ego identity' to the 'item identity'. As human is designed to reach into the source of transformation; everything that can touch into the sight, is available to transform and reshape. Inspired by nature, geometry is an infinite source to become an example to this transforming beauty. To break the normality, to heal and to remembering the unique unity, using geometry and ultraviolet light is an excellent tool for pleasing the aim of shifting. 
 Soul is the source. 
 Nature is the mechanics.
 For the adaptation of human to the alienated unknown, criticism of geometry can always able to create a validity for increased actions. In my own actions, I prefer acceptation of item identity servings that represents, the transformation of touching to something alienated, in the need of calming the fine soul carvings, sharpening the feelings and continuing beside any negativity.

 Our humble human life reshapes under the connection to earth frequencies which is effected from the waves of enormous explosions at solar storms. Geometry is a strong discipline to bring back those frequencies to our understandability. 
 I pay attention to create every new form, simply to get in tune with new updates of earth frequencies. 
 I have to indicate that, in my art workings; the bold aim is to make our consciousness receive different filters for the subconscious and opening a new way of thinking about the reality. Of course we are aware of that the reality we accept is not the only reality to the experience we receive. Every experience has multiple truths inside of it and I believe that's how we are able to create multiple pieces of art.  
 Just like that, I call them; portals. 
 Portals to opening the mind to new way of thinkings..

Seda Cevizli. 2023. Bodrum, Mugla, Turkey.

back side of canvas
back side of canvas
sketching on canvas
sketching on canvas
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