UV Active String Art on  
50 x 60cm Canvas

*Third dimension activates on ultraviolet light effect
''The phoenix is a mythical bird of great significance across various cultures, symbolizing renewal, resurrection, and the cyclical nature of life. According to mythology, the phoenix is said to burst into flames upon death, only to rise again from its ashes, embodying the eternal cycle of death and rebirth. This legendary creature is often associated with themes of transformation and immortality. In many cultures, the phoenix serves as a powerful symbol of hope and renewal, representing the ability to emerge stronger and more vibrant from the challenges and adversities of life. The phoenix's mythical journey encapsulates the universal concept of resilience and the belief that from the ashes of the old, something new and beautiful can emerge. This enduring symbol has captivated human imagination for centuries, resonating with the timeless idea of triumph over adversity and the inexorable cycle of life's transformations.''

made by Seda Cevizli
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