UV Active String Art onĀ 
70x90 cm Canvas

*Third dimension activates on ultraviolet light effect
''Recovery is a transformative process that signifies healing, growth, and resilience in the face of challenges. It is a journey marked by perseverance and self-discovery, often emerging from adversity, whether physical, emotional, or psychological. Recovery is not just about returning to a previous state but about adapting, learning, and evolving. It involves the restoration of well-being, both mentally and physically, and the development of coping mechanisms to navigate life's complexities. Whether recovering from an illness, addiction, or emotional trauma, the path to recovery is unique to each individual. It requires courage, support, and a commitment to positive change. In the process of recovery, individuals often find strength they never knew they possessed and emerge with a newfound appreciation for life, equipped with valuable insights that can inspire and uplift others facing similar challenges.''

made by Seda Cevizli
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