UV Active String Art onĀ 
50x60 cm Canvas

*Third dimension activates on ultraviolet light effect
''Reflection is a contemplative process that involves introspection, meditation, or thoughtful consideration of one's thoughts, actions, and experiences. It is a mental exercise that allows individuals to gain insight, learn from their past, and make informed decisions for the future. Much like a mirror reveals one's physical appearance, reflection serves as a mental mirror, providing a deeper understanding of oneself and one's journey. Whether prompted by personal growth, challenges, or moments of success, reflection is a tool for self-discovery and emotional understanding. It encourages individuals to pause, analyze, and absorb the lessons inherent in their experiences, fostering a continuous cycle of learning and personal development. In both professional and personal contexts, the act of reflection contributes to a more conscious and mindful approach to life, aiding in the refinement of goals, values, and the pursuit of a meaningful and purposeful existence.''

made by Seda Cevizli
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