Uv Active String Art onĀ 

50x50 cm Canvas

''A tesseract, also known as a hypercube, is a four-dimensional geometric shape, representing the extension of the concept of a cube into four-dimensional space. In its simplest form, a tesseract is constructed by connecting the vertices of two cubes with lines, resulting in a complex structure resembling a cube within a cube. Visualizing a tesseract can be challenging for those accustomed to three-dimensional thinking, as it requires an imaginative leap into the realm of the fourth dimension. While it remains a theoretical construct, the tesseract has intrigued mathematicians, scientists, and science fiction enthusiasts alike, serving as a symbol of the abstract and mind-expanding nature of higher-dimensional geometry. Concepts related to the tesseract have found their way into popular culture and theoretical physics discussions, emphasizing the fascinating and nature of dimensions beyond our common experiences.''

made by Seda Cevizli
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