String Art and Acrylics onĀ 
1x1 m Canvas
''Wakefulness is a state of consciousness characterized by alertness and awareness, typically associated with being physically and mentally active. In this state, the sensory organs are responsive to stimuli, and cognitive functions are engaged, allowing individuals to perceive and interact with their surroundings. The opposite of sleep, wakefulness is marked by a heightened state of responsiveness, enabling individuals to process information, make decisions, and engage in various activities. The neurobiological mechanisms governing wakefulness involve a complex interplay of neurotransmitters and brain structures, orchestrating the delicate balance between arousal and rest. While wakefulness is a natural and necessary aspect of the daily human cycle, its quality can be influenced by factors such as sleep patterns, stress, and overall health. Cultivating a healthy wakeful state is integral to optimal cognitive functioning, productivity, and overall well-being.''

made by Seda Cevizli
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